7 Ways To a More Sustainable Home

Delay tactic is one the reasons we have brought our nature to its knees. You ask, how?

Well, let us explain! Delaying the steps for future that should have been taken place long before now.

Plastic is a double-sided sharp knife, not only does it take many years for it to breakdown but also it has a damaging effect on our environment. We are so busy and riddled with convenience that we often forget the impact we have with our single-use plastic, and you may say, “one person won’t make a difference” but times this by the population of the world…now that’s ALOT of plastic!

What if we told you that can also become help goodbye to single-use plastic by adopting some simply sustainable habits that won’t cost the earth! Here are some suggestions below!

1. Switch from a plastic to bamboo toothbrush
2. Take reusable bags with you when you go grocery shopping– bonus tip – take them out of the boot and pop them on the front seat so you don’t forget to take them with you!
3. Speaking of the grocery store, try to always go for plastic wrapped or pre-packed fruit and veges
4. Switch to a stainless steel, bamboo, or silicone straw
5. Invest in a double-walled keep cup – this can be used for your hot and cold drinks!
6. Have a separate bin for all your recyclables
7. Spread the word – by spreading the plastic-free memo, not only are you living more sustainably, but you’re also encouraging others to reduce their carbon footprint!

See, told you it would be simple and sustainable!

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