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Product Origin

Where are My Eco House products made?

We've carefully selected a handful of international manufacturers who align with our mission of ensuring we eliminate single-use plastic and reduce our overall environmental footprint. Our selected manufacturers are based in China and have been quality checked making sure they are ethical and have met Aussie import regulations.

Where are My Eco House materials grown?

Our bamboo is organically grown in panda friendly Nanping Fujian, our wood derived from Lotus and Walnut tree's grown in the Fujian and Heilongjiang provinces and finally our organic cotton is grown in the north, within Shanxi. All products are then consciously handled and crafted throughout the production process.  


Is your packaging sustainable too?

Sustainable packaging is a key priority for us so that our end to end service is environmentally friendly. Whilst we're in our infancy stages we're using a mix of recyclable packaging and Better Packaging Co's comPOST range. Better Packaging Co's post bags are bio-based (partly made from plants) and when disposed have no toxic residues or micro-plastics.