Top 7 Reasons to Switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush

Imagine waking up at in the morning like any other normal day, only to find out that all the plastic items in your house have turned into a living beings.

You called your best friend to share the nightmare and they tell you they’re living the same nightmare!

I mean, we have been fantasising about a zombie attack since our childhood. So this is the modern day version, a plastic overload!

It doesn't end here. These so-called living beings have invited all other plastic items to your house and when you look around there’s beings everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, your bedroom…everywhere!

Doesn't that sound crazy?

I mean it sure does. That's what nature thinks of us. We live in a world of convenience which can result in such an enormous amount of plastic in our homes? Plastic that's immortal, polluting nature and adding to an already disturbed ecosystem.

Okay, enough with the wild imagination. Let's action becoming more sustainable together towards for the sake of our mother Earth! In fact, let’s just start with one step!
Meet our high-quality and super durable Bamboo Toothbrush that is a fab plastic-free solution.

Here are the five reasons you need to switch to our high-quality Bamboo Toothbrush today:

1. Sustainable and Eco Friendly
2. They are biodegradable
3. Reaches the difficult area in your mouth
4. Effective cleaning guaranteed
5. Long life like the plastic counterparts
6. The heads can be snapped off after use and thrown into recycling and the handle into your garden to breakdown, or in my case – used to hold up my sad looking plants!
7. Have you seen the colors they come in..I mean 😍

Make the switch today! Shop our range here.

Happy shopping!

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